Sunday, October 21, 2007

Holiday Organizer

This Holiday Organizer was so much fun to make, and will keep all those little bits of holiday papers, like gift lists and receipts in order. The organizer was made from a manila file folder and Stampin' Up!'s Wintergreen double sided patterned paper.
The Gift Guide is a great place to keep track of everyone's sizes and favorites. (fabulous idea from JanTink) There is even a small notepad for shopping lists, or those little reminders to yourself.

On the back you can track your online and catalog orders by website and/or company name, date ordered and received, person receiving gift and cost.
I will be offering this as a class on October 27th. For full details, look here.


Eileen said...

Hi Kym! This is my first visit to your blog. Thanks for linking your blog to me. I love your organizers!! They are the best!! I am not quite organized! You should see the inside of my purse! Thank goodness I have many pockets in it!!! I would probably benefit from an organizer but hey, I am not organized enough to make one! Ha! Ha! Thanks for sharing your talents with me!

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is a wonderful idea. I was wondering sense the date for your class has passed is it possible to get the directions to this great planner. I especially like the idea of the tracker for things ordered. You are certainly a very talented person. Thanks Smiles---Gloria

Anonymous said...

Hi Gloria,

I've been trying to track you down with no luck. I need an e-mail to send the instructions to.



Anonymous said...

hi kym

i love your planner i was wondering if i could get your instructions please my email is thankyou so much havea great day jane

Anonymous said...

This planner is absolutely awesome! Do you still have the instructions to share? I would dearly love to get my mitts on them! Thanks so much! ~Myra

Julie said...

I just stumbled across your Holiday Organizer and it is absolutely gorgeous and wonderful. Love the forms you use for tracking online orders. Could I possibly get a copy of this? Thank you for sharing your talents!

Anonymous said...

Kym, Could I get a copy of your instructions as well? I really like the planner - I am a little late this year - but better late than never as they say.
Thank you!


I just came across your site and would really like instructions to your planner. It is just beautiful.

Kym said...

Lisa C.,

I need your e-mail address to send directions. E-mail me at



kellie said...

hi, love the planner! could you send me the instructions please, many thanks kel