Thursday, November 17, 2011

Paper vs. Tech

With all the cool new gadgets out there it's not surprising that many people keep their daily lives on these little electronic marvels. But some individuals, like me, still prefer to use pen and paper for our day to day task lists: the to-do list, grocery list, gift list....

Don't get me wrong, I love getting new gadgets, but there is just something about the process of writing out the list and crossing it off when complete that works much better for me.

Each year as Christmas approached I would get a wish list from each of the children in our family. So I would invariably carry around 6 different lists, and what a nightmare if one was left at home or lost. Trying to remember which niece wanted the pink iPod, or whether the game my nephew wanted was for his DS or the PS was frustrating.

So, I created a Gift Guide that I use for members of my family and friends that I regularly buy gifts for. It's all in one spot and can be updated or added to easily.

These handy little guides let you keep track of each person's favorite color, music or author; as well, as having a place to record sizes for clothing, hobbies, or any other miscellaneous information.

I made several of these for the two craft fairs I am participating in this month. I had made them a couple of years ago and they went over very well. Hopefully they will again this year. :)

Make today great!


"LZ" Linda Z. said...

How beautiful, and what a terrific idea!!! My friend was looking to do something like this for their children's teachers. Absolutely great idea!!!

The Country Rose said...

WOW! Now this is brilliance at its best! Love this idea and I will sure be making some of these! Thanks for sharing your brilliance :) !

Amanda Mertz said...

Wonderful idea! I keep a running list on a Word doc. but that certainly isn't very handy when you're out shopping. And not nearly as cute. I hope they sell like hotcakes for you! TFS!