Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Picture Post

Wow, hard to believe another year is almost over, or that it has been almost a year since my last post.  Since there are so many projects I have been working on this year and haven't shared, I thought I would make this post mainly pictures.

There are so many new and fun products on the market, and I want most of them, but I've officially run out of room.  So, I've been very selective on what I have been purchasing lately and trying to use up the items that I have in my stash along with a few newer items.  Many of the projects pictured include retired SU product as well as newer items.

 My niece's wedding invitations and thank you cards. (sorry for the crummy pics)

The pictures don't do these justice, they were gorgeous in-person.  The colors are very vibrant and rich.



3-D items

Craft Fair items

These adorable snowmen, I just finished today and gave them to a good friend as a birthday present.  She collects snowmen. :)

They are made from mattress springs.  I saw these and decided to try and make them myself.  There were no instructions with the ones I saw so it was a bit of trial and error.  You would think they would be pretty self explanatory and easy to do, but not so much for the first one, or two.

You need some good industrial wire cutters to get those springs out and cut.  You also need a vice to bend the top of the spring in to get those little heads to be even and not slanted.  Hot glue is your best friend when making these.

I covered the styrofoam balls with liquid glue and then covered that in epsom salts.  I let them dry overnight before doing anything else. 

This is a great repurposing project.  The scarves are made with fabric from an old jacket.  I used retired Stampin' Up! buttons, but you could easily use buttons from an old shirt and old jewelry/gems for the face.  I used a combination of brads and large pearls for mine.

 Hope you have a wonderful day!


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